Photo by Trashy Betty Photography

Cover Art by:  Debbie Taylor

The Barnstormer

Pilot Frankie Howard can do no wrong when he’s flying and showing off his daredevil aerobatic skills. On the ground, trouble follows him wherever he goes, especially trouble with women. Frankie adores his best friend's sister, Ruth Ann, and endures her come-ons and rejections in an effort to capture her love. When he finds out she has a new beau, he accepts the defeat until fate steps in and changes their lives forever.
Ruth Ann Douglas lives a charmed life as the spoiled daughter of the town pharmacist. She bewitches and teases all the boys, especially her brother’s best friend, Frankie. Her dream of becoming an actress takes her to an acting school in Atlanta where she meets Ronald Waters, a young actor. Ronald wants to win her heart, but Ruth Ann can’t forget the handsome barnstormer and the small town she tries to leave behind.


She closed her eyes, and let her thoughts drift. She pictured the Barnstormer in his leather coat and goggles taking off in the Jenny. The airplane soared above her and she twirled around, around, around, staring at the biplane soaring in the sky.

Cover Art by:  Debbie Taylor